Independent Event Production


I have a true belief that weddings should be light on the stress and heavy on the good times. When I am charged with assisting a wedding, I work hard to be invisible, intuitive and friendly. Problems at events are simply opportunities to be creative. From designing invitations to meeting vendors to managing emotions on the big day, I love every minute of weddings!

Wagner - Peters

Beautiful bride Abby Wagner and her groom Brandon were so much dang fun to work with. From the bright colors they chose to their playful approach to everything (VooDoo donut dessert, paper flowers from the rafters, dancing all night!), this wedding was one to remember. I was brought on for overall event design, apparel consultations, jewelry making, floral design, and day-of coordination. Photos by Powers Photography. 

Joyce - Recaido

Talented wedding photographer Bethany Raelene married her Hawaiian sweetheart Joshua beneath trees and waving fabric curtains. They enlisted my help for the design of their wedding invitations, design of decor, day-of-coordination, and vendor consultations and research. Photos by Ashley Forrette.

Roellke - Coddington

This wedding is admittedly mine, but it was my reason for pursuing event planning- it showed me the beauty of details and the importance of delegation. I had an incredible team of people, and in that realized that having the right kind of help is KEY. We made our flowers from paper, painstakingly handcrafted every detail, and absolutely had the time of our lives. Photos by Ashley Forrette.