With WeMake, I serve as the Media Producer on the Executive board. I manage budgets, schedules, timelines and - most importantly - relationships with our illustrious roster of artists. 

The King's 6th Finger

I have had the distinct honor of writing two children's books with the incredible Jolby illustration team. Our first book, The King's 6th Finger, started as a little poem and grew into a full-length book about an OCD king who loves the number 5. Imagine his chagrin when he wakes up one morning with a SIXTH finger on one hand! We used Kickstarter to print this book and moved 1000 copies on our own, at which point it was picked up by Gingko Press.

Monsters Under Bridges

Our second book chronicles the varied and zany monsters who live under the bridges of the Pacific Northwest (don't worry, most of them are nice, and just a few are mischievous). We had the rad opportunity to work with Sasquatch Publishing from the beginning for this volume.