Full-scale, multi-faceted event production is the focus of my portfolio currently. I also produce community events, personal projects, and smaller private events when they feel resonant and exciting. My super-power is facilitation and listening carefully to the needs of clients, vendors, and staff to ensure the end experience is incredible.


As a new member of the core team at World Domination Summit, I was tasked with creating a memorable snack experience for the attendees during the morning recess of the conference. I curated local snacks, hired a literal bevy of performers from the local entertainment scene (from Drag Queens to stilt walkers to contortionists and jugglers...) and filled a truck's bed with ice and La Croix. In addition to the Wacky Snack Break of 2017, I also managed their Logistics division, ensuring all of the "things" were where they needed to be, and at the right time. Last summer I ran a Mystery Bus tour for one of their evening expeditions as well.


TechFestNW, Portland's largest tech conference, was my home in late 2016/early 2017. I managed their startup division, PitchFestNW, culling participants and managing logistics; I partnered with the Marketing team to create and execute the social media presence; I headed the Audience Development team in the hopes of expanding the current audience. I was also the street team- attending conferences and meetups, gaining experience and information to better inform my work.


XOXO, an arts and technology conference centered around independent people (hackers, writers, developers, designers, etc... you know: cool people), was my home from March to September of both 2015 and 2016. I lived and breathed the festival, coordinating everything from speaker logistics to food trucks to hospitality riders. I managed all staff, including volunteers and vendors. This event also requires an intense level of permitting, city and neighborhood engagement, and executional energy. This is the true definition of full-scale production, as I have a hand in every single aspect of the conference outside of programming the main-stage.


This year, I headed up DWP’s Headquarters- teaming with the winners of the Green Loop design competition to create a massive life-sized mockup and exhibition of the Green Loop at The Redd. We held the Opening Party at Headquarters this year, creating ties between PBOT, BPS and DWP in a festive and interactive manner. Headquarters was a huge undertaking, with over two weeks of pre-production and up to 5 concurrent tracks of programming happening inside the space at a time. 

In 2015, I managed both the Opening Party and front-of-house for the Design Week Conference at Revolution Hall. I partnered with 13 different companies within the Washington High Building to provide a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to the Opening Party.

For the epic, 1000+ guest party that kicked off the Design Week Portland Festival in 2014, I coordinated every aspect from initial concept to the finest detail. Working with several incredible local vendors, DWP created a visceral, engaging experience. From the moment the guests arrived, visual treats and interactive installments kept them focused, entertained, and prepared them for the week ahead.



Another 1000+ guest event, WeMake Celebrates was a unique benefit event that focused on raising money for arts and music in education. From a birdhouse auction to a live marching band to Lisa Congdon speaking about her art, this event was one to remember. We raised over $13,000 that evening, and provided a palpable networking experience for our attendees as well.

CHOICE Runway Show

AniA Bridal sponsored this incredible runway show, as well as a scholarship for a local Art Institute of Portland student, Karina Reed. Karina won a gown design contest and was the featured designer of the show. We were honored to have Season 4 Project Runway winner, Leanne Marshall, show her bridal line and actually host the program. There were over 300 vendors, including 50 models, 50 hairstylists, 50 makeup artists and an equal number of wedding coordinators, florists, caterers, etc. Over 300 guests attended. It was an amazing, incredible experience that I managed almost independently. 

Fantastic Forage

This city-wide scavenger hunt has been held three times- for the sole purpose of good times for our friends and community. We planned an entire nights' worth of zany tasks, visits to landmarks in Portland, and, obviously, quite a bit of drinking. Teams of people score points by completing the tasks and visits. We can't wait to hold one again!


From time to time an event requires the use of my visual design skills. Here are some examples of when Photoshop, Illustrator and I had some good times together.